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Mother of Chicago Jams is located in Plainfield, Illinois, previously known as “Walkers Grove” and at one time nicknamed “The Mother of Chicago”. Surrounded by forest preserves, open spaces and majestic wading birds, it is historic and communal at its core. Plainfield is full of life, adventure and endless moments of serenity. I found my home here.

How you began your journey is not as relative as its end. This conception of my product line of jams is a wonderful introduction to the creative avenues I am willing to take to produce the finest product available. It is with great pride I introduce my line of Mother of Chicago Jams. It is my belief that your mission should be an expression of your passion for life, to give of yourself and serve others. I am at your service. Mother of Chicago Jams is determined to bring you the most delightfully robust combination of jams right to your table, to make breakfast a more delectable transition to the dawn of your day.

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