Meet Paula Denice

President & CEO

About Paula Denice

Hello, I am Paula Denice. I would like to share something very special with you. Here is the door to my creativity and passion. I have crafted for you, a constantly changing epiphany of flavors to lure and intrigue the most discerning of palates. Join me in my passion that is Mother of Chicago Jams, the finest specialty jams.

I was inspired to create this collection from my love of cooking, which I inherited from my mother; who for countless hours revealed cooking’s special kind of magic. I became a chef after many years and many accomplishments. I developed my collection in the quiet moments of reflection, the ones where you are at once most relaxed and thinking at your most ambitious levels. I realized that Jam is more than four basic flavors. Now, I invite you to come with me and experience what I have discovered, a symphony of flavors, Mother of Chicago Jam!

Grab a bagel or a biscuit or whatever you use jam on. I am sure you will agree that; Strawberry Champagne, Kumquat Marmalade with Star Anise & Brandy or Berry Hibiscus are not ordinary Jams! I am convinced you will be a believer in Mother of Chicago Jams.

I am Paula Denice


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